Ruth W, Towne Museum and Visitor Center

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  • Due to the fact there is no in-house staff person assigned to the museum, a committee will review all requests to use the facility and make a determination based upon staff availability to be at the event.
  • Food/Refreshments are permitted with prior approval. All food arrangements must be made through Truman Food Service Program by calling 785-4197.
  • Exhibit cases are not to be moved.
  • Chairs or tables may only be moved with prior approval and extreme care must be used to ensure there is no damage to any exhibit cases.
  • No additional seating (i.e., folding chairs) will be permitted without prior approval.  If additional tables, chairs, trash cans, etc. are needed and approval given, the event organizers are responsible for reserving those items with Physical Plant and should coordinate delivery with Admission Office staff at a time that is not disruptive to campus visit activities.
  • User is responsible for cleanup following event (dispose of litter and make sure area is neat).
  • Should you need to cancel, please notify  the University Admissions Office as soon as possible at 784-4114.
  • The user may be assessed a fee if any damage occurs to museum during use.

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